We have decided to promote your well-being


Targeted recordings for your theme with solfeggio tones, binaural beats and rife frequencies

Guided Meditations

Let me help you with your meditation. Let us lead you into a healing session, with us everything is included


No success in trying to quit smoking? Do the dietary measures simply not work? Have you been plagued by fears for a long time that you now want to let go of for good? Try hypnosis.

In Person Healing Session

In our Star Diamond Package, you get a personal remote monthly healing session.

Our Offer

With us you can benefit from a large selection of frequency music. We offer you frequencies with different background music, frequencies pure or with natural sounds. There are variations on the most diverse topics of life.

Brainwave training

Train your brain effectively with targeted frequencies that work on your reward center in the brain. You will not only change the structure permanently but also your entire thinking structure and thus your life.

100+ Meditations

You will find over 100 recordings with us, and we are constantly uploading new music.

Best Audio Quality

The absence of compression and the choice of the highest recording quality makes our music so uniquely successful.


Informations and Tips

In the member area you will find information on how to benefit most effectively from the frequencies. We give you tips that will help you to lead a fulfilled life.


Intuitive Platform

Our platform is designed to be simple, all you need is your headphones or speakers and you’re ready to go. Whether you use your smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, laptop or desktop. With us you can easily stream or download everything.



Share your experience with others in the community in the members area.

Try it out

We give you the opportunity to see our platform live with a trial subscription. Without additional costs and very simple.

What our Clients say

Very nice did me a lot of good. I was just so down before. And now it's better. Thanks a lot ???❤️♥️??✨??

Maya L.

Hello I would like to express my admiration for this wonderful appealing music. I have been without a partner for 20 years and feel inspired by this music to actively look for a new partner! ?????????

Ramona W.

I hear them daily, whenever I notice that something grey is coming up inside me, hope is the spark, faith is the flame, and love is the wonder,,, Thank you for this wonderful journey of the senses.

Tine M.

Rarely have anything so beautiful, profoundly heard and felt. Thank you that we are allowed to come into this pleasure. All love.

Pff. Ft.

I keep hearing that. Thank you very much for that ? it is very calming ... ?

Serena S.

You have helped my soul with this recording! Thanks for this wonderful frequency. A true source of power!


Wow... I noticed a change right away. I immediately felt hot and tingly all over my body. Very great ? ? Thank you very much for your great music ?

Silvia B.

Thanks ?, I hear this frequency, I am completely with myself. All stress dissolves .... so beautiful. ??✨??✨?? best wishes Carola

Carola H.

Thank you Christa, fabulous energy waves come from this particular upload. Love ?

Mosaic Miracle

God, this is good stuff for my soul

Maria R.

Thank you dear Christa for this enchanting video it contains the power of the ☀️ sun ... So healing music ? Wow. Thank you from the heart for being there ♥️ love your Christiane

Christiane K.

Are you with us?

Highest quality frequencies with a wide range of relaxing background music for every taste. Personal consultation or healing sessions, hypnosis sessions


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